Saturday, 13 July 2013

Minecraft vs Real Life

I have been digging a hole in the ground. It is just a bit more than one and a half metres deep, and around a metre in diameter. Here is the hole:

A hole in the ground about 1 metre in diameter and just over one and a half metres deep.

Here is the hole with the dirt I have emptied out of the hole in view:

The same hole as in the previous picture but showing the piles of 'hole' dirt around it.

Here is an equivalent sized hole in Minecraft:

Apart from the Minecraft hole being digital, it was also a lot neater. And it took less time to dig. The real hole above has taken several weekends of digging - probably close to 20 hours of digging. The Minecraft hole took around 20 seconds, that's including deciding where to dig. Perhaps that's one reason why games like Minecraft are enjoyable to play - they let you do mundane things really quickly.


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