Friday 19 July 2013

Engagement in the Family

My brother-in-law Rowan Barton is engaged to Elpida Savvidou. This is awesome news (even if not recent :-). Their engagement party is movie themed, and we've got some western style props, so I've created custom wanted posters! Here they are:

A wanted poster showing that Elpida is wanted alive for stealing a heart, reward $1000.

A wanted poster showing that Rowan is wanted dead or alive for parental bank robbery, reward $1000.

Once printed we are going to brown the edges with the heat from a fire.

The SVG files were created with Inkscape (Trace Bitmap is fantastic) and are available for use if you'd like. I put them in the public domain (but I'd be thrilled to hear from you if you use these). They make use of the Playbill font.

I'm interested to see what other people have created. Enjoy :-)

Saturday 13 July 2013

Minecraft vs Real Life

I have been digging a hole in the ground. It is just a bit more than one and a half metres deep, and around a metre in diameter. Here is the hole:

A hole in the ground about 1 metre in diameter and just over one and a half metres deep.

Here is the hole with the dirt I have emptied out of the hole in view:

The same hole as in the previous picture but showing the piles of 'hole' dirt around it.

Here is an equivalent sized hole in Minecraft:

Apart from the Minecraft hole being digital, it was also a lot neater. And it took less time to dig. The real hole above has taken several weekends of digging - probably close to 20 hours of digging. The Minecraft hole took around 20 seconds, that's including deciding where to dig. Perhaps that's one reason why games like Minecraft are enjoyable to play - they let you do mundane things really quickly.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Bits of Minecraft

Minecraft has sunk a lot of my time over the few years it's been around. Here are some of the things I've done in it (in order of construction):

A rainbow made of wool is visible to the left, and a large woolen cake lurks in the fog to the right.
Rainbow! ... and cake

A triple helix with hanging vines made of dirt rises into the sky in front of a seemingly floating land.
Triple helix near an overworld plate

From my overworld you can see my home base tower on the left, satellite dish in the centre and the word "Craft" made of wool on the right.
Home, satellite dish and "Craft"
The rainbow, triple helix and satellite dish were all planned using Lisp. Here's some Lisp code you can use to plan rainbows:

(loop with freq = (list)
       and reach = (1+ 20)
       and width = 8
      for j from reach downto 0
    do (loop for i from (- reach) to reach
             for r = (round (sqrt (+ (square i) (square j))))
             for c = (cond ((= i j 0) #\+)
                           ((< r (- reach width)) #\-)
                           ((<= r (1- reach)) (- r (- reach width)))
                           (t #\Space))

        when (not (eql #\Space c))
        do (aif (cdr (assoc c freq))
            (incf (car it))
            (push (list c 1) freq))
        when (or (minusp i) (not (eql #\Space c))) do (princ c))

    do (terpri)
    finally (return freq))

It produces output like this (this one's a small version to fit in the width of the blog):

((#\+ 1) (#\- 256) (0 45) (1 45) (2 43) (3 57) (4 57) (5 57) (6 59) (7 57))

The last bit is a count of each block type so you know how much to gather of each type. Three dimensional objects like the dish and triple helix use more code which I can post if people are interested.

P.S. Don't spend too much time playing computer games.