Saturday 8 June 2013

Excel Table to Jira Table

Excel table, meet Jira :-). After writing the previous AutoHotkey script to convert the clipboard contents to a comma separated list, I wrote this one. It makes constructing Jira tables a breeze.

;;; Converts a copied table from Excel into Jira format
  StringReplace, ForFirstLine, Clipboard, `r`n, §
  StringSplit, ForFirstLine, ForFirstLine, §
  StringReplace, ForFirstLine1, ForFirstLine1, %A_Tab%, ||, All
  StringReplace, ForFirstLine2, ForFirstLine2, %A_Tab%, |, All
  ForFirstLine2 := RTrim(ForFirstLine2, "`r`n")
  StringReplace, ForFirstLine2, ForFirstLine2, `r`n, |`r`n|, All
  Clipboard := "||" . ForFirstLine1 . "||`r`n|" . ForFirstLine2 . "|"
  Send ^v

To use it, just press Windows+Shift+J (but that's easily changed). It puts double pipes on the first line, and single pipes on other lines.


  1. Genius - this has just saved me a lottttttta time.
    much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the appreciate rav124 :-D. I'm always happy to hear something I've written is being used.

    P.S. While I'm here - for others using the script, it works best if it's saved as a Unicode text file because of the "§".

  3. how do you add this to JIRA exactly ? this piece of code is to be put somewhere i guess but where exactly ?

  4. anyone looking at this page ?

  5. Hi sileclercq

    You need to download and use the program at

    Then replace the code in the example file with the code above.


  6. I am getting an error for call to non existent function
    --> ForFirstLine2 := RTrim(ForFirstLine2, "`r`n")

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You're using an older version, get the new one here:

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